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Life Coach Approach

Life coaching within my systemic frame maintains the relational nature of the approach but is a non therapeutic way of dealing with life issues. This means that I would take a solution orientated and goal focused approach to the sessions and help my clients understand the barriers to achieving their life goals. 


I still consider context, culture, race, gender, economic background as a way understanding the often unique hurdles that may need to be over come. I adopt a dialogical approach, Working with the idea that  the power of conversation helps to create new meaning, so I do not set written tasks but clients are encouraged to find ways for themselves that may help them move towards a  solution. 

One advantage of life coaching is there is no expectation that potential clients need ongoing sessions, when dealing with complex emotional issues in therapy the process may require more than one session. Where as life coaching may only require one or two; however due to my counselling training if any emotional issues should arise I am able to deal with such an event in an ethical manner. 

Session Prices

Life coaching


 £60  per Session

In Person

Sessions Held at:

Bedwas Family Chiropractic

1 Pandy Rd



CF83 8EH



Via Zoom

£30 per Session

Clients who wish to access counselling online should consider their ability to create  a secure space, in order to keep sessions as confidential. as possible.

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