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 Therapy in the Village

Anthony Purnell BSc

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About Me

I use a relational approach to help clients improve their understanding of themselves, how relate to others and the world around them. I have experience in helping clients in following areas, either as individuals or as a couple.

  • Relationship problems

It is easy to take our relationships for granted, I have experience in helping couples and individuals communicate better with their partners, helping them to understand what a healthy relationship should feel like and build a sense of mutual respect.

  • Affairs & Betrayals:

Infidelity can be one of the most challenging things to overcome within a relationship. If I am working with a couple I help the injured partner process the trauma the affair has had on them; while helping the affair partner to understand what led to the affair, encourage them to own their actions and help them to take the lead in building trust back into the relationship.

  • Family Issues

My counselling approach means I often work with individuals you have issues within their family context. I seek to help clients gain an understanding of how they fit their family or do not in some cases and how this impacts their mental health. I help clients to either reconnect, separate or process negative feelings caused by their social setting. 

  • Separation and Divorce

It is a fact of life that some relationships reach a natural end point, I help individuals or couples to disentangle the relationship, process feelings of loss and mitigate any emotional damage to those indirectly impacted, such as children. 

  • Bereavements

Grief can occur through any significant emotional loss, I work to provide a a safe non judgemental space for my clients to express their pain and sorrow. This helps my clients to begin to process their loss and move to a place where they can sit with it, so the loss is not overwhelming.

Areas of personal interest


Identity: Formation, perception and meaning of identity.

Power: In relationships, culture, employment and society.

Relationships: Communication, attachment, conflict management, infidelity.

Bereavement: Death, divorce, break-ups and other losses.

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