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About Me

My Approach

My approach to counselling is largely Systemic (Relational) and is my main area of training, although  I  also borrow ideas from other approaches like Solution-Focused or Narrative Therapy, in order to increase the ways I may help my the clients.

Systemic Therapy  seeks to understand how people create meaning through language; how they relate to each other; how their culture, class, race, gender and sexuality inform how they perceive the world. It considers the client, not as an individual but as part of social groups (family,  friendships, professional and romantic relationships). It acknowledges how people interact with other influences, such as mental health symptoms, behaviours or objects. I seek to understand how these connections affect my client's well-being and if these relationships can be improved.

How this helps

This approach helps clients to construct new meanings, new ways of seeing the world and have a greater understanding of how they are connected to those around them. It also helps clients to understand the impact they have on these social systems and the impact these systems have on them.

Systemic therapy's relational approach can also help individuals suffering with some mental health conditions. By helping to form a better relationship with their symptoms. The aim is to give my clients a sense of autonomy and control over their conditions.       


From a local chiropractic clinic in the village of Bedwas, I provide counselling to individuals and couples; the rooms are very comfortable and are suitable for therapeutic work.

My aim is to create a safe space to help people discuss their problems openly.

Arranging a Session

Clients can email, text or phone to make an appointment, discuss or raise any concerns about starting therapy.

Payment Methods

In Cash or by Debit card, payment is due at the end of the session.


Useful Info

I understand that therapy can be an expensive business, especially if you attend every week. When I was seeing a counsellor I attended every four weeks. This made paying for therapy more affordable

While it is recommended that people attend therapy every week, I am flexible and allow a maximum four-week gap between sessions.

It does mean therapy will take longer but I feel it is important that you have some control over the process, where possible.

​Due to the hectic pace of daily life, I believe in being available when it's convenient for my clients. That is why I provide weekday evening and Saturday appointments.